CSI: NY is a terrific game if only for the truth that it is the great automobile for a hidden object game. Immediately after all, what far better purpose to be looking for hidden objects than if you have been a police investigator looking murder scenes for proof?

CSI: NY is a fairly faithful adaptation of the hit Television series, with the series stars such as detectives Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Don Flack, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes and Adam Ross all featuring heavily in the game.

The really feel and atmosphere of the game also captures the essence of the Television series. The scenarios in the game are structured like episodes of a Television series, and what truly got me was that every single episode began off with a clip of the murder victim getting discovered followed by credits entirely like a Television series. And every single adjust of place also incorporates a film clip of the cityscape of New York, once again a faithful adaptation of the series and a incredibly good touch to the game.

The actual hidden object puzzles in the game are also integrated incredibly nicely. As detective Taylor or Bonasera, you attend a crime scene and want to search the location for proof and any plot products that may lead to prospective witnesses or suspects.

Other hidden object scenes involve looking the premises of prospective suspects and final-recognized-whereabouts of the victims. There is incredibly small random objects to be discovered: all the things appears to match nicely into the story. There are even good touches such as newspaper clippings that when discovered reveal the history of the victims and additional advances the story.

An additional factor that tends to make the hidden puzzle section of the game exclusive is that every single scene begins with you not being aware of what products you happen to be meant to be looking for. There is a list of products to be discovered, but that list emerges incredibly gradually. So for the very first minute or so, you happen to be on your personal attempting to guess which objects could be proof in every single case.

What this game excels in although are the mini- games that are scattered all through, and there are a lot of them. These are not your standard mini- games such as jigsaws or numerical puzzles, but are in fact neatly integrated into the story and theme of the game. You get to swab crime scenes for fingerprints, take pictures of the right proof, execute facial recognition, calculate the victim's falling trajectory and a entire lot far more. It is these exclusive mini- games that tends to make CSI: NY truly stand out amongst the other games of this genre and sets the tone you'd count on from a game primarily based on the CSI franchise.

There are four “episodes” in this game, with unique characters from the series getting starring roles and with every single case getting exclusive (as exclusive as they can be… following a dozen seasons of the a variety of CSI series, each sort of murder becomes fairly cliched).

There is a fair quantity of humor and characterization in the game to make it really feel like the Television series as nicely. Scenes such as Adam Ross saying “Umm… Mac? Why do you and Stella normally want to do the fingerprinting yourselves? Is there one thing incorrect with my operate?” are funny and capture the essence of the show.

Admittedly, the game is fairly linear with incredibly small area for open exploration. Almost everything happens in a sequence and could be stifling for gamers far more utilised to the exploration-style adventure games. But CSI: NY stays correct to the episodic scene-by-scene storyboarding of a Television show, and is a fairly great adaptation of the franchise. Unquestionably a game worth playing if you happen to be into the crime scenes theme and want to have a hand in assisting stars like Gary Sinise resolve crimes.

Rating: 4./5.