Women Are Special in God’s Eyes

While they are treated badly by some men who see women as weak and not favoured by God, the facts are that the reverse is true. Women are actually far stronger than men in spirituality and that is what counts. They have a stronger link to the Spirit of the Universe and they see things in a clearer light than their counterparts. They are the nurturers and the bearers of life and they are the first and greatest of God’s children.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned me to remove the wall of blindness that has been put up by the two beasts of Revelation and bring in the harvest. It then poured in the knowledge to enable me to do that.

The start of religious discrimination against women was Babylon. Prior to the rise of Islam from that city women were the elders of tribes and even in Egypt matriarchy was prominent. So what changed?

In a vision shown to me a group were gathered on a hilltop gazing towards the rising sun whose rays penetrated a perforated stone. The resultant image of dispersed light formation of rainbow coloured rings of movement was awesome and the people fell to their knees to worship it. Central to it was the right-angled cross.

The image was called ‘Ma-r-y’ (Mari) which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it was stylised into a female figure that men considered they could marry by dying on the cross. This they did at dawn when they were expected to rise with the light into the heavens. It’s primitive thinking but that is what the World Order is based on.

The Amors were the inhabitants of the city and they built Roma (reverse Amor) and took their religion and Mother God with them throughout the known world. One of them was Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he put up the image of Jesus Christ as its Saviour. He reinstated Mary in it as the Mother of God and because of her expected jealousy against the women they mate with on earth laws were imposed to hide them.

Discrimination against them and patriarchy were born of Babylon and the Islamic religion that became the basis for all branches of it to target women. Christianity and the Muslim faiths along with that of Judah all serve the same agenda. In God’s eyes, however, it is the women who are special.

Reincarnation is fact and people are turning to the Mountain of God for answers.

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