As a Science Fiction, Future Technologies, and Military Tech writer, I frequently get asked about the future of war. Interestingly sufficient, our close to future is not really hard to predict five-10 years out, but the additional out you get the tougher it is. Fortunately, my batting typical in prediction is relatively robust, comparatively speaking against other self-proclaimed futurist varieties. Not too long ago, I was interviewed on the subject and I really feel my answer may well be enlightening, revealing and upbeat, so, let’s discover this for a moment shall we?

There is a pretty excellent likelihood that humans will not have wars in the future, and prior to you contact that statement naïve, I’d like to point out that every little thing I see is a progression towards abundance, peace, prosperity and ascendance to a greater state of cognition with humanity completely actualized. I see future virtual reality permitting the person to build possibilities far beyond what is probable now beneath our existing way of life.

No, I am not a crazy New Age wannabe spiritual guru asking you to send me income and to stick to me on Facebook, what I am saying is that people like Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity Institute have it largely appropriate. No, their predictions are not fantastic and yes, humankind will fall down and get back up a couple of extra instances prior to we get there, and yes, it will price us twice as significantly along the way, and take us three-instances as lengthy to get there, but that is exactly where we are headed. Give it a further couple hundred years, and there will not be any extra wars.

1 excellent factor about wars now is that wars are not killing millions of persons, most of the current wars have been surgical strikes, precision attacks on command and handle personnel (or terrorist leaders), facilities, or tiny groups with some collateral harm and civilian casualties but far fewer than prior to. Wise bombs are improved than the ‘drop them and overlook about it’ bombs of the previous.

My predictions on future wars, you ask? Properly, let me take a stab at it primarily based on my research. 1 challenge we will see in the future is robotic systems going out and killing complete human armies, then we will see a worldwide agreement to ban it for the reason that human populations will demand that. Then we may well see robots fighting robots, with the loser providing in to the argument that began the political impasse.

Then we will see nations agreeing to arbitrate by way of virtual war gaming, multi-player VR ( virtual reality) video games. No one particular essentially dies, but heroes (very best players of the game) are rewarded by their civilizations with accolades.

Humankind will at some point study that “diversity is to be celebrated” (not forced) and devoid of any scarcity in the planet due to advancing technologies, there will be so couple of factors to fight more than, and wars will look like such a stupid factor that humans made use of to do. And, whereas, we humans, even us human+ varieties look to be innately territorial, we will overcome this with our enhanced intellect and information, joining as one particular in a frequent result in to reside or lives to the fullest and share our endeavors with one particular-a further. And like I stated, I am not coming at this from a spiritual awakening, I am not into that stuff, it is just exactly where I see this all going, from every little thing I study, study and analysis, it is the inevitable future – and seriously for our sake, the sooner the improved.

Personally, while weapon systems technologies is a location I like to assume, and it is hugely rewarded in the present period, I doubt that future human beings or our enhanced selves will invest a entire lot of time pondering about it. You see, there is a entire new planet out there, if we dare to take it. I’d like you to assume on this, and for now Never Hesitate – Be Excellent!