We employed a wise board to teach with in the laptop or computer lab at college. Primarily, a Sensible board turns your digital projector / LCD Projector image into an interactive whiteboard that you can create on.

The Sensible Board itself is a touch-sensitive giant screen that is connected to your laptop or computer. You use your digital projector to show your laptop or computer screen onto the Sensible board and the application enables you to touch and interact with your laptop or computer. As a lot more and a lot more college boards and teachers are investing in information projectors, it begs the query no matter whether Sensible Boards are a fantastic investment. Immediately after all, an intuitive touch interface plus the capability to create on digital documents (with digital ink) would assist us to move beyond blackboards, flip chart paper, and overhead projectors.


  • With the Sensible Board, you can handle any application via the touch board. So alternatively of operating from behind the laptop or computer keyboard, you (or your students) can be at the front of the classroom physically interacting with the show.
  • You can use any of the four colours of markers or the eraser to create in digital ink more than applications, internet pages, or moving video. The Sensible board nevertheless performs if you shed the pens. (There are four coloured pen holders and 1 eraser. When you lift the pen out of the slot, it selects the colour or the eraser. When you touch the screen, it makes use of the chosen colour or the eraser.)
  • Like other digital ink application applications, you can save your function into a notebook file, and you can convert handwriting into text.


  • Difficult to create. The most significant disappointment with the digital ink comes from the truth that a Sensible Board is a front-mounted projection screen. This implies that your information projector is set up in front of the screen (like an overhead projector). Which implies that when you stand in in between the projector and the screen, you cast a shadow on the screen… ideal exactly where you are attempting to create. Confident, it was cool to interact with applications by touching the screen, but, it was really hard to create notes for the reason that you have been consistently blocking the image.
  • Difficult to create neatly. To be completely sincere, it was a tiny disappointing how our handwriting turned out on the Sensible Board. Much better than our experiences with the other digital pens (i.e. the i-pen), but the handwriting was nevertheless substantial, blocky, and messy. One particular of the items you have to train your self to do is to not lean up against the Sensible Board. When you create on a blackboard or white board, you normally rest the edge of your palm on the board. If you do that on a touch screen, the cursor jumps to your palm and it does not function out. You have to train your self to just create working with the tip of the pen. The marker worked fine if we wanted to underline or circle essential tips, but if you wanted to edit or revise a 12 point, double-spaced Word Document, you'd have a really hard time obtaining the handle needed.
  • You nevertheless have to move back and forth from the keyboard to the screen. We could begin up our internet browser by touching the Sensible board, but when it came time to enter in the internet site address, we had to go back to the desk to sort in the URL.
  • Pricey. The Total Expense of Ownership of a Sensible Board can be prohibitive for the classroom teacher. Retail expense of a 77? (195.6cm) front-projection Sensible Board Interactive whiteboard is $1399 (USD) with a grant from the SMARTer Children Foundation of Canada. (www.SmarterKids.org)
  • You require to provide your personal information projector. A new, decent projector will expense about $500 – $1000. The Sensible Board is just a giant touch pad. Your require to deliver your personal projector to show the image onto the wise board. (Application, connection cables, and stand are incorporated.)
  • You could want to upgrade to a wireless connection ($199 USD) to do away with the cables and the tripping hazards in the classroom. The screen image and the Sensible Board touch screen could get knocked out of alignment. This implies that when you attempt to click a button, the mouse pointer seems a handful of inches to the side. You will have to realign your hardware which would interrupt the lesson.